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Gymnastics Classes

How much do gymnastics classes cost?

In Pinnacle's gymnastics classes, students participate in a “constant motion” class as they move from station to station performing level and age appropriate skills and drills. Our progressive lesson plans provide for continuous improvement.

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Schedule a Free Trial

DId you know that Pinnacle Gymnastics offers a free trial class! Our gymnastics, ninja, sports performance, and Gym and Learn programs all offer a sneak peek into the fun. We can't wait to see you in the gym. Schedule your free trial today!

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Ninja Classes

Pinnacle is happy to now offer ninja classes! Our ninja class is inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, and obstacle training and provides physical benefits as well as mental benefits for your child. Our ninja classes encourage personal improvement and growth.

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Why Pinnacle?

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Looking for the best place in the Kansas City metro to take gymnastics? Pinnacle is the answer. We use progressive lesson plans, skill stations, and have special equipment for our each of our disciplines, preschool, recreational, and team classes.

The mission of Pinnacle Gymnastics is to encourage youth to reach their physical and mental potential through gymnastics. We employ an energetic, skilled coaching staff, that provides the best level of instruction for every child regardless of ability. Self motivation, perseverance, dedication: the lessons learned at Pinnacle carry far beyond the walls of the gym.