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ABCs and 123s

At Pinnacle Gymnastics, preschool gymnastics is more than just motor skills!  While motor skills and motor development have clearly been connected to learning in an academic setting (especially reading), Pinnacle’s classes incorporate a more intricate skill set.

Beginning at the early ages, Pinnacle uses sensory skills to intensify our learning process. Here’s a few examples how!


  • puzzleOn the balance beam! Pinnacle uses puzzles as motivation to walk across the balance beam.  Beam is less scary when you have a puzzle piece in your hand and can see the board it belongs in!
  • Races! Our staff puts a deconstructed puzzle in a hula hoop.  Then, we put the puzzle board in the same color hoop across the floor.  One piece at a time, our little gymnasts walk, run, skip to the other hoop.

Color Recognition

  • colorWe use colored blocks to motivate our athletes to move to a matching hoop or block. When the blocks start in a pile mixed together, children must use their skills to sort!
  • Color game: “Put your elbow on something yellow!”. Our staff uses cues like these to get gets moving, teach them colors, and body parts at the same time.
  • Color cues: Our gym is full of colors. Our staff uses colored equipment to direct our gymnasts through class.  “Start in the red hoop” “Put your hands on the green spot” Once children are in class for a few weeks, their colors start rolling off their tongues!

And it doesn’t stop there…

  • clothespinWe sing the ABCs during warm up
  • We stack pit blocks into towers
  • We pinch clothespin penguins for fine motor development
  • We teach directions: right, left, over, under

Our curriculum allows for young athletes to develop into young students.  Come check out what we have to offer!

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