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Gymnastics Classes

gymnastics classes for kidsPinnacle Gymnastics offers gymnastics classes for students ages 9 months through adult!  Recreational classes meet once a week for 30 -90 minutes, depending on the level of the class.

Gymnastics training is the perfect way to develop amazing flexibility, fantastic strength and incredible agility, not to mention, arm you with lots of confidence. These  are all qualities of a well-rounded, physically, emotionally and psychologically fit person. Plus, gymnastics is pure fun to practice!  For additional information on the benefits of gymnastics, visit our blog.

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Tumbling Classes

tumbling classesThe tumbling program at Pinnacle Gymnastics focuses on the floor apparatus.  This is the perfect class for those interested in cheerleading and dance.  The main focuses of these classes include round off and back handspring.

Tumbling classes are available to those students ages 5 and up.  Classes range from beginners through advanced tumblers.

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Ninja Classes

ninja classesPinnacle is now offering ninja classes for kids! Pinnacle Ninjas is inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, and obstacle training. Little ninjas will participate in a warm up, followed by 10-minute rotations. Students ages 3 and up are eligible to participate in our Ninja program. Take a look at our Ninja Obstacle class to take in addition to any gymnastics or tumbling class!

Classes range from 30-50 minutes in length.  In our new facility, gymnasts will participate in tumbling, bars, obstacle courses, and upper body strength stations.

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Dance Classes

dance classes at pinnacle gymnasticsPinnacle Gymnastics is now offering dance classes!  Our non-recital dance program is the perfect fit for your child!  Beginning with preschool dance, Pinnacle offers a complete array of dance classes for beginner through advanced athletes.  In addition, dance programs will be available to competitive gymnasts.  Introduce your child to the joys of music and dance in our welcoming program.

Students ages 3 and up can participate in dance class!  Our private dance room is located on the second floor of our brand new facility. Classes range from 30-50 minutes in length.

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