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Could Your Child Be the Next Superstar?

simoneWell, let’s just start by defining a “superstar”.  Sure, the Elite athletes that we see on TV are phenomenal.  They do things that are near impossible and make them look easy.  This is even more evident in gymnastics.  The high flying, risk taking, skills that entertain us all and allow gymnasts to claim star status is undeniable.  Then, taking it to the next level, of this pool of Elite athletes, 5 are chosen every 4 years to represent our country in the Olympic games.  Of course, those are superstars.

However, let’s look at the odds of having the natural ability, work ethic, body composition, financial means, and remaining injury free for an extended period of time… not looking promising.

So how is a superstar made?  I believe that a superstar is someone that:

  • Has a special skill set
  • Is confident, yet humble
  • Helps others
  • Understands the work ethic it takes to achieve one’s goals
  • And overcomes adversity

7F0A1549f4x6Being an Olympic athlete and being a superstar are mutually exclusive.  Most Olympic athlete have the qualities above and are able to attain superstar status.  However, many more superstars are made in the every day grind.

All of these qualities are taught in our gymnastics classes.  From Parent Tot to Level 10 Team, our athletes are constantly engaging in learning new skills and teamwork.  They cannot attain their goals without hard work and the countless repetitions that are required to become a master.  My athletes always giggle when I tell them how well they are doing and say, only 500 more until  they get really good.  Sometimes their mouths drop and I remind them: we do 50 or more each week.  We will be masters in a matter of months.

This is also how we build confidence.  Teaching a progression of skills in a safe environment, using the best techniques and drills in existence.  It gives our athletes the feeling that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to and teaches them that they can overcome any block by breaking a skill down into parts.  This is problem solving at its finest.

My dream is for my children (gym and bio) to become superstars.  Whether it is through sports, academics, or just in life in general, I am setting them up for success.  Of course nothing in life is guaranteed, but shouldn’t we at least give them the tools that provide a chance at stardom?

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