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Pinnacle Gymnastics is now offering dance classes!  Our non-recital dance program is the perfect fit for your child!  Beginning with preschool dance, Pinnacle will offer a complete array of dance classes for beginner through advanced athletes.  In addition, dance programs will be available to competitive gymnasts.  Introduce your child to the joys of music and dance in our welcoming program.

Dance Classes for Kids

preschool dance classes at pinnacle gymnastics
Dance Classes Offered:

  • Preschool Dance, Ages 3-5
  • Dance Combo, Ages 5-8, 8+
  • Hip Hop 7+


  • Physical development – including range of motion, body awareness, balance, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance.
  • Social awareness – Children must take turns, work as a group, cooperate, share, understand space, form lines, watch and support one another, perform, and interact.
  • Cognitive development – movement can be used as a response to an idea or problem. Moreover, this creates a cognitive link to a solution or outcome.
  • Emotional maturity – there are endless opportunities to share and be aware of various emotions as students experience one another and themselves through movement
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Preschool Dance, Ages 3-5

Join us for this 30 minute class that focuses on coordination, balance, and dance technique.  Dance classes at Pinnacle Gymnastics are fun and fast paced.  Also, are sure your little one will stay engaged while learning proper dance technique and expressing herself through dance. Lastly, this class is for students ages 3-5.

Dance Combo Class, Ages 5-8, 8+

Join us for this 50 minute class that teaches tap, jazz, and ballet skills.  This dance class involves beginner to intermediate dance skills in three different disciplines. Also, this is the perfect class for those wanting to explore the world of dance!
Enroll in Dance Here!

More Dance Classes

dance classes for preschoolers

Hip Hop, Ages 7+

Students will participate in a 50 minute high energy hip-hop class.  Dancers will find their individual style and rhythm, while having a great time.  We ask hip-hop dancers to wear workout attire and tennis shoes.Enroll in Dance Here!