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Grips and Equipment

dgsLet’s face it.  The best place to do gymnastics… is at Pinnacle!  We have the best instructors, age appropriate equipment, lesson plans and more.  But for those that need a little something extra, visit our partner, DGS, and find grips, fitness supplies, and even home use mats!

Is my child ready for grips?

gripsGymnastics grips are for team athletes, typically level 5/Xcel Gold and above, though each athlete/coach can make the decision on when it is appropriate to start using grips. Our beginner grip users enjoy the Gibson Just Right Soft Hook and Loops Grips. Our more experienced grip wearers favor the Bailie Buckle Grips and Bailie Xtreme Buckle/Hook and Loop Combo.

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Commonly used mats at Pinnacle

mats Pinnacle Gymnastics is home to mats of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each of our mats serves a purpose in our program. We also use many mats in many different ways, all of which add to the quality of instruction at Pinnacle. Some of the mats we use most often are:

* Panel mats
* Wedge mats
* Cartwheel mats
* Trapezoid blocks

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Use gym code PN001 and Pinnacle will receive a credit toward new equipment!