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Parent and Child Gymnastics Classes

parent and child gymnastics classesParent and child gymnastics classes are the perfect introduction to gymnastics for your child! Our classes start at just nine months old. Skills worked include fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, sorting, hand eye coordination and so much more! Also, parent and child classes allow children and parent to bond outside the home. Share the joy of learning with your child at Pinnacle Gymnastics!

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Pinnacle offers preschool gymnastics classes for students ages 2-5 years old. Preschool classes meet in our preschool area with right-size equipment for small beginners. Each class incorporates vault, bars, beam, and floor into skill stations. Moreover, gymnasts participate in a “constant motion” class as they move from station to station performing level and age appropriate skills and drills.

Early Elementary Gymnastics Classes

kindergarten gymnastics classes
Children ages 5 and 6 are invited to our early elementary gymnastics classes. Gymnasts enter the beginner recreational equipment section of the gym and participate in vault, bars, beam and floor. Lastly, Activities include skills that incorporate strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Gymnastics skills include handstand, cartwheel, and pull over.

School Age Gymnastics Classes

school age gymnastics classes School age gymnastics classes consist of children ages 7 and up. Classes are divided based on skill level Gymnasts participate on all four apparatus, vault, bars, beam, and floor, on the school age section of the gym. Lastly, skills include rolls, cartwheel, handstand, pull over, casts, and basic dance skills.

Adult Gymnastics Classes

adult gymnastics classesPinnacle Gymnastics offers an Adult Fitness and Tumbling Class. This class is for people 18 years and up. The focus of the class is on increasing strength and flexibility by using the different apparatus in gymnastics (vault, bars, beam, floor, rings, trampoline) as well as introducing basic tumbling skills. Class ratio around 10:1. Moreover, whether you are a former gymnast or someone looking to increase their level of fitness, this class is perfect for you!

Competitive Gymnastics Classes

competitive gymnastics team
Pinnacle Gymnastics competes in the USA Gymnastics Organization, Levels 3-10 and X-Cel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. We strive to be the best gym in the Kansas City metro while maintaining a healthy balance between home, school, and gym life. Also, we are proud to practice the fewest number of hours at each sanctioned level and continue to place on the top of the leader board. Lastly, our goal is to teach our gymnasts to love gymnastics and put 100% effort in every minute of practice. This home/school/life balance allow our gymnasts to remain happy and healthy.