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Class Pricing at Pinnacle Gymnastics

Class pricing for gymnastics and dance is based on the length of each class.  Recreational classes meet once a week. Tuition is priced on a monthly basis and is payable via automatic withdrawal (credit card or EFT). Tuition prices per month remain constant regardless of holidays and gym closings. While some months will have 5 classes others will have 3, and overall it will average out to about 4 classes per month. Make up missed classes in a class of the same level by scheduling at the front desk.  Tuition is not prorated based on the number of classes your child is able to attend. However, we do offer unlimited in class make ups.

Class Pricing for Gymnastics and Dance Classes

30 minute class: $51 per month
50 minute class: $69 per month
60 minute class: $75 per month
90 minute class: $108 per month

Class Pricing for Ninja Classes

30 minute class: $55 per month
50 minute class: $75 per month

Tuition Discounts

Enrollment in 2nd and 3rd class: 20% off additional class tuition
Enrollment in 4+: 25% off additional class tuition
(Based on family class enrollment)

What Our Customers Say about the Cost of Gymnastics

Priceless! What it teaches the girls about self confidence, overcoming challenges and facing your fears is truly priceless! – Cari L

From a past customer, there is no price we could place on what Kate learned from gymnastics…and Coach Morgan. Among countless other things, she learned time management, tenacity and dedication. I know she is so successful in college now thanks to her hours in the gym with Morgan. – Heather T

There is no price!! My daughter loves gymnastics. It’s more than just learning new tricks or competing at a higher level. It’s teamwork, compassion, discipline, hard work, and fun that go along with it. – Melissa S

Clinic Pricing Schedule

How much do gymnastics classes cost?45 minute clinic: $10
60 minute clinic: $12
75 minute clinic: $15

Find our Class & Clinic Schedules Here

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