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Not Another Art Project!

20141217_142424I love my kids. And I think their creative minds are amazing. Some of the things they come up with, draw, say, make me laugh out loud.

However, ’tis the season… for art projects. Christmas trees, wreaths, a semester’s worth of art class paintings. You name it, it has come home from school. And for the non-saver that I am, the question, “Where did my (fill in the blank) go?”, is frequently met with the answer, “Check the recycling.”

This makes me very unpopular with the 4-6 year old crowd.

This year, in my first grader’s art portfolio, there was a note from the teacher with the suggestion of framing a piece of your child’s work as a Christmas present. I thought this was a great idea. It would display a piece of his work, in his room, in a clean way. So I ventured with my 60% off coupon to Jo-Ann’s just to find out it would be ONLY $240 to frame his watercolor fish! Call me crazy, but it is just not worth that much.

20141217_142251So as I ventured through the store looking for alternative solutions, I found it. A floating picture frame. These frames have two layers of glass that secure any picture with a clear background. No matting, or perfect size frame required. And the best part? They start at $24.99, are 50% off, and I get to take an extra 25% off with my coupon! Making them a mere $9.38 each. Now that is worth it.

This Christmas, I hope to be a little more popular at home when my child opens up a framed piece of his artwork!

Happy Shopping!

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