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Olympic Art: Bring the Fever Home!

Each of us has a fire in our hear for something.The opening ceremonies have arrived.  Athletes from around the world have gathered to compete and inspire in the world’s largest athletic event.  Bring the excitement into your home with this quick, cute, and relatively mess free Olympic art project with your future superstars!


  • Canvas – we used 8×10 for the kids (look for the multi pack at Michael’s)
  • Washable paint – red, yellow, green, blue, and black
  • A variety of circular items – cups, empty toilet paper rolls, etc
  • Paper plates


  1. Squeeze a small amount of paint onto one paper plate
  2. Repeat so that you have 5 plates with 5 different colors
  3. Dip a cup (top side down) into the paint, press the cup to the canvas
  4. Repeat in alternating colors and patterns

Can’t get enough?

  • When you run out of canvases, repeat on plain white paper to display on your fridge
  • Make a large canvas print as a family to commemorate the Olympic year

DSC_0546DSC_0547 DSC_0549

August 5, 2016 | Blog | 0

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