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Pinnacle Ninja Classes: 3 Great Reasons to Join

Our Pinnacle Ninja classes have taken off since opening in the winter, and we couldn’t be happier. These classes are fun, exciting, and lead kids to new levels of fitness. If you haven’t checked one out yet, you really should come by and check out a free trial class. Here are some really great reasons to take another look:

A perfect alternative to gymnastics

Are you concerned that your child has gotten bored with gymnastics? Don’t worry. Some kids just don’t develop a serious or lifelong interest in gymnastics, and that’s okay. Fortunately, there are other options. For those children disenchanted with gymnastics, our ninja skills class may be a great alternative. They get many of the same benefits as they would in gymnastics, setting a vital foundation for later sports, as well as increasing their overall health. Ninja classes are vigorous and exciting, perfect for youthful energy, curiosity, and creativity. And yes, your child does not need to quit gymnastics to enjoy ninja skills. They complement each other perfectly.

It’s a great supplement to any sport

Like gymnastics, ninja skills can help your child become a better athlete in general. Our ninja classes improve coordination, muscular strength and endurance, agility, and speed, all key components of team and individual sports. That’s not all. Taking our Ninja class will encourage your child to learn strategy and problem-solving, as they maneuver through obstacle courses, rope swings, and balance exercises. Furthermore, our ninja skills are inspired by and taken from various martial arts exercises. These exercises are known for building discipline and increasing focus for your child, fundamental skills not only in sports but also in their school studies.

Ninja skills aren’t just for boys

Ask any boy if they want to play “ninja”, and you’re likely to hear “yes.” …but can girls be interested in ninja skills? The is also a “yes”…and you should encourage yours to. The myth that girls are less feminine if they engage in traditionally-male activities still pervades. However, the opposite is true. Engaging in such activities provides girls with the same benefits that boys receive, including confidence. This confidence helps them later in life to get pursue higher-paying jobs, have healthier relationships, and maintain appropriate levels of self-esteem. Catherine Steiner, Ed.D. (co-author of Full of Ourselves: A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health and Leadership) states it best: “It’s important to help even non-athletic girls develop some physical competence and confidence when they’re young. Whether it’s through team or individual sports, girls need to form a physical relationship with their body that builds confidence.”

Most importantly, this class keeps in alignment with our vision of encouraging youth to reach their physical and mental potential through sports. We want children to thrive, and we believe that skills a child develops through our programs carry over to their academic and social skills. That’s something they can take that with them for the rest of their lives.

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