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Saturday Morning Yoga

Nora Laytimi - imageFlexibility is an important part of gymnastics.  So is strength.

As coaches, we are constantly battling to find the right balance of the two.  We want our athletes to get stronger.  We condition hard, increase resistance and reps.  We also want them to be more flexible.  We stretch, overstretch, kick, and push to make the body move easier.

Both are equally important.  You have to be strong to learn new skills and you have to be flexible to learn new skills and prevent injury.

20160130_080758According to WebMD, “yoga combines strengthening and stretching poses”.  What a great combination for my athletes!  My mother-in-law has been teaching yoga for a number of years.  I asked her to come in to work with my athletes and you should have heard them talking about it after she left!

It wasn’t just the workout, but the relaxation and focus that they were able to bring into the gym that got them excited.

I can’t wait for our next session!


February 23, 2016 | Blog | 0

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