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The Greatest Compliment

Referral CardReferral Card BackHave you ever told a friend about a favorite place to eat, shop, or visit?

At Pinnacle, our number one source of new customers is…. current customers!

A referral is the greatest compliment we could receive.  We work hard to provide the best service possible.  Starting with the enrollment process, continuing with class structure and coaching, and finishing with activities and appreciation for all.  We don’t just work to earn your business.  We strive to keep it.

Our current customer base is amazing.  We have a diverse group of families that all call Pinnacle home.  Our instructors and front desk staff learn names of kiddos, moms, dads, and siblings!  We acknowledge forward progress with WOW cards, tokens, and simple praise in the lobby.

My favorite part about our customers?  The random reviews and emails that we receive praising our program and coaching staff.  There is nothing that makes me (as an owner this time) happier than opening my inbox to see a parent email about his or her wonderful experience at Pinnacle.

Our customers rock.

Want to become one or know someone who does?  Check out our referral program and let us say “thank you” for thinking of us!


December 4, 2014 | Blog | 0

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