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The Power of Sports

Kansas_City_RoyalsThis week I had the urge to turn on Sports Radio. Weird.

This is not something I do… really ever. My husband does. Every day. However, I enjoy listening to music. Maybe sometimes to drown out the noises coming from the back seat. Sometimes it just puts me in a slightly better mood. But, when I got in the car to drive to preschool on Wednesday, I wanted to relive the night before. Watching the Royals come back from a 4 run deficit. Watching Salvador Perez struggle all night – and then be vindicated by his game winning hit.

Not something I normally do, but that day it was able to bring me the same uplifting feeling that I was used to from music.

The Power of Sports.

Sports drive people of different religions, beliefs, backgrounds, and social classes together. Sports create a mutual bond that allow people to see past things that they may get stuck on, and to look forward, together, to the next game.

When is the last time you high-fived a stranger? Probably while watching sports.

Listening to the callers chime in one after the other was amazing. Stories about grandparents, children, and everyone in between, united for one cause. Cheering on the Royals.

This same camaraderie is found throughout the sports worlds, however it is amplified when “your” team is doing well. So let’s live this one up as long as it lasts. Have watch parties, go to the games, let the kids stay up late one night to experience the thrill of sports.

Being a fan is universal.

Go Royals!

October 2, 2014 | Blog | 0

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