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To Be a Better Bowler

bowlingA new year is upon us which leads to the natural conversation of resolutions.  My family has never been big on resolutions, but nonetheless, I always bring them up.

Talking to a 2, 4, and 6 year old about what a resolution is allowed me to reflect on the purpose and meaning for myself.  For me, New Year’s is about thinking about ways to enjoy life to the fullest.  Sometimes those are related to a healthy lifestyle.  Maybe they involve controlling a mindset.

So as I share my goals for 2015: spending quality time in all facets of my life (being a wife, being a mom, and Pinnacle) and making a conscious effort to be in a “good” mood more often (that one was received with giggles around the table).

Then for the hard part, asking the kids to think about something they would like to improve on in 2015.  Grant (6) asks us to come back to him.  Adam (4) jumps right in.

“I want to be a better bowler.”

My husband and I smiled at each other.  Adam has been bowling maybe 4 times in his life.  Maybe it was the night out with family, maybe it was the elephant ramp they provide for him to roll the ball down, or maybe he really just wants to be a better bowler.

So whatever you and your family want to improve on in 2015, may you do so happily and with loved ones nearby.

Happy New Year!

(And don’t be surprised if you see us at Park Lanes soon…)


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