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What is it like to be 2?

IMG_20140826_0001A recent article on has sparked me to share this question. So frequently we wonder, why is that so hard for you? And then we remember, because you are 2… But it goes far beyond the mental capacity and gross motor skills. Let’s start with physical body shape.

Try a little experiment with me:
– Put a 10 lb helmet on your head
– Put a tire around your waist
– Put a block between your knees that keeps your legs apart at all times

Then imagine adding:
– Short little arms
– Small flat feet

Ready to tumble? How about walk on a balance beam?

This is what it is like to be a typical 2 1/2 year old child. Two year olds have are top heavy and have a high center of gravity. You should have seen Adam at this age, he just learned to do a somersault this year because his head was so large, he couldn’t roll over it! However, his class kept practicing the somersault, and in the process improved he gross motor skills by challenging him in other areas of gymnastics. Running, jumping, swinging, climbing, and going upside down are all part of the traditional Pinnacle class.

In addition to gross motor skill development, involving your child in gymnastics as a toddler helps them learn to take turns, follow directions, gain balance, and learn persistence. Check out additional benefits of gymnastics and schedule your toddler’s free trial class today!

See the Pinnacle difference: At Pinnacle, we construct our lesson plans by taking into account the physical and mental limitations of this age group, and each age group we instruct, in order to teach the physical skills involved in gymnastics more effectively.

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